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Diabetes is a condition in which body does not produce enough, or properly respond to insulin.

There are three main types of Diabetes mellitus; junivile onset or IDDM (Type 1), adult onset or NIDDM (Type 2) and gestational diabetes.

Unfortunately the incidence of  Diabetes (particularly DM-T2) has been growing steadily for the past few decades. Which is why organisations like Liberty Medical with the aid of Wilford Brimley have taken to creating infomercials, to get all you Diabeetus suffers back on track. In the video below Ratatat have also provided their skills to reach the public.

Plus here is an infrographic from GDS inforgraphics on the state of Diabetes in the US.

And just so this post has some medical information, here is some population health data.

Global Burden/Public Health of diabetes:
  • World prevalence: 30 mil 1985, 170 mil now, 300 mil 2025 (WHO prediction) 
  • 440 000 children with type 1. type 2 affects approximately 5% of pop. in developed countries 
  • 90% of all diabetics have type II, 5-10% have type I, other very rare types exist

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