Basic Guide to Suturing

Greetings and welcome to IVLine. This blog was born to investigate and share information on health issues, clinical and biomedical sciences, technology and my experiences of medical education along the way. We also try to support local and multinational aid organisations where possible and would appreciate any assistance.

I hope you find the material both engaging and informative.

Aaron Sparshott (MBBS, BSc)   
Lead Writer/Editor

Aaron is currently a ACRRM Rural Generalist/ACEM Trainee in the sunny state of Queensland, Australia. Having not edited his about section for nearly his entire medical degree, he decided it might be time for a quick rehash.

Having taken a meandering path to get to medicine (from economics to engineering to science), Aaron couldn't quite help staying off the beaten track. Since starting medicine he has tinkered round in iPhone development, blogs and video podcasts. Never really settling on any particular thing.

Of course there's nothing like a bit of fun and games as well. In 2013, he set off to do an surgical elective in Hadyom, Tanzania finishing off with a climb up Mt Kilimanjaro. He also has been sailing on the Young Endeavour (an Australian tall ship). Mostly he loves the outdoors, with a close second being his drumkit.

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