Rural Emergency Medicine

Lightning Med brings a combination of online Flash Cards, MCQs and Case Studies together to make studying medicine that little bit more interesting. Developed by Brady Bouchard, a medical student from the University of Queensland, these resources are designed to help medical students studying in particular for the USMLE, MCCQE, LMCC, AMC, but also in-house exams.

The resource bank is expansive, and according to the developer it is continually revised and updated. There are topics spanning biomedical/basic sciences (anatomy, biochemistry, etc), clinical sciences (surgery, dermatology, neurology, etc) and many more domains (evidence based medicine, population health, etc).

The UI is aesthetically pleasing and easy to navigate. Best of all it runs well in any of the modern browsers. Below is an example of it running on an iPhone 4.

You can register with Lightening Med with an email account or through Facebook.

Lightning Med is currently in a public beta stage, so take it for a complete test drive while you still can.
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