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Humans are social animals by nature, and with the integration of web and mobile technology there are now more opportunities to communicate than ever before. The power of Social Networking apps is only as great as the connection you have to that network. For example, if you install Skype but do not know anyone who uses it, then the app is essentially redundant. Here is a list of apps that I find meet my social networking needs.

Editor's Note: This is a part of the Top iPhone Applications for 2010 series. For applications in different categories please observe the links at the bottom of the page.

Facebook (Free)
Not surprisingly, one of the biggest social networks globally has a top rated app. It provides easy access to all the regular features of Facebook; news feed, messages, profile, photos, events and so on. Facebook Chat at times can be a bit unsteady, but this is definitely a must have app if use Facebook more than once a month.

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More About Facebook

Twitter (Free)
The official twitter client for the iPhone.

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More About Twitter

Skype (Free)
Skype for iPhone like its' desktop counterpart allows you to make and receive calls. The power of Skype over other apps at this stage is its' popularity.

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Fring (Free)
Similar to Skype, but its' major feature is that it allows video calling over 3G. It also supports the following instant messaging services; Google Talk™, MSN® Messenger, Yahoo™!, Facebook, Twitter & SIP.

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Fring in Action

Seesmic (Free)
Seesmic integrates a number of social networks (e.g. Facebook, twitter) into one beautiful and powerful application. With the addition of you can simultaneously post to multiple social networks. For a closer look at Seesmic checkout the preview below.

Cons: Ad Supported

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Seesmic Preview
More about Seesmic

Bump (Free)
I view Bump as a social networking app for on-the-go. It allows you to share photos, contacts, calendar events, become friends on Facebook and much more. It works by simply selecting the information you want to share, and then bringing two iPhones close together (i.e. bumping). Following this information will be transferred.

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Bump Preview (Older Version)

Meebo (Free)
Meebo is one of the best instant messengers around, with a polished interface and functionality which you can rely upon. It supports all major IM networks; AOL / AIM, Yahoo!, Windows Live Messenger, Gmail / Google Talk, Facebook, MySpace, and 100+ other networks.

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Meebo Preview (Older Version)

What apps do you use to stay connected?

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