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'Follow the Lines' by Aaron Sparshott with iPhone 4

Photography captures the imagination of many individuals, and allows us to forever preserve a moment in time. 

The iPhone 4 in particular, has reached the stage in camera quality where it can replace your classic point-and-shoot camera. The built in Apple App however, is quite rudimentary, and there are plenty of options to liven up your photography experience. Here are some of the apps I use (and similar ones) which help me to get the most out of every snapshot.

Editor's Note: This is a part of the Top iPhone Applications for 2010 series. For applications in different categories please observe the links at the bottom of the page.

Gorilla Cam (Free)
Gorilla Cam is probably the best free alternative to the built-in camera app. It features digital zoom, anti-shake, a timer, ability to take time lapses, auto-save, burst mode, grid overlay and much more. For the iPhone 4 user you will find that there are still improvements to be made. Three main features I would like to see are support for flash, front-camera shots and the ability to take video. The main aim with providing video support being to reduce the need to switch between apps.

iTunes Link

Similar Apps:

Note: Camera+ probably use to be the best camera app in the iTunes store, but got pulled for violating Apple's terms. So if you do not have to purchase an app anytime soon you might want to wait for the return of this one.

Hipstamatic ($2.49)
A favourite of many, Hipstamatic recreates the look and feel of classic cameras of the past. The range of effects you can purchase are numerous and is only limited by what you can afford. Personally I prefer post-editing on my computer later (e.g. via photoshop), but Hipstamatic provides the casual photographer with a quick and fun way to spice up their photos.

Cons: Be warned that the initial app only comes with a select group of filters, and in-app purchases are required to obtain more. Basically it can become addicting, and I've seen people sink over $10 into this application with ease.

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Similar App: CameraBag ($2.49) Also provides a number of different filters to alter your photographs. I only tried this briefly on a friend's iPhone, but personally I preferred this product to Hipstamatic.

Adobe Photoshop Express (Free)
Like its' desktop cousin Photoshop Express allows you to manipulate your photos on the go. It provides some basic editing features such as crop, rotate, contrast, effects, filters, borders and so on. In addition you can also share your photos to popular services like Flickr, Facebook, etc. While there are better editing apps out there, Photoshop Express comes with a great toolset with the bonus of being free.

Cons: The interface still does not support retina display.

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Similar App: Perfect Photo (Currently (3/11): $1.19) More feature rich.

AutoStitch ($3.99)
Autostitch allows you to create beautiful panoramas and photo mosaics from images on your iPhone. The interface is intuitive and the stitching process is a breeze. Simply select your photos and touch 'Stitch'.
If you don't think an iPhone app could possible do a good job of combining photos for $4 you can checkout their free PC app which reproduces the same results.

iTunes Link

Cause I like it so much I've provided an example of it in action below.

Sailing Pano (4 photos taken with iPhone 4)

Similar App: Pano ($3.99)

What are your favourite photography apps? Feel free to share below.

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