Rural Emergency Medicine

 TROHPIQ & RHINO win the Golden Windmill

Over a week ago I attended The National University Rural Health Conference 2012, otherwise known as NURHC2012. This conference brought together over 160 of my fellow health students from across Australia, to Connect, Engage and Inspire over the challenges and successes facing Rural Health.

There were presentations, from distinguished academics, doctors, nurses, allied health, rural workforce groups, an ultramarathon runner right down to fellow students. NURHC2012 showcased the future of rural health; the next generation of health professionals in concert with seasoned hands.

It wasn't all hard work though, there were plenty of opportunities to lay back, listen to people's stories and put on a show or two (see the victors of the Golden Windmill above). I would particularly like to thank the Australian College of Rural and Remote Medicine who gave me the opportunity to attend NURHC2012.

I've tried my best to capture some of the defining moments from the NURHC keynotes, so that others can enjoy some of the inspiring stories that came out. So jump on down and checkout the best of NURHC2012.

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