Rural Emergency Medicine

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What better way to end the week than with a medical case to challenge and stimulate your mind. I'm opening the door into the world of medical cases, and exploring what others have seen and observed before me. This is to become a regular feature and the two main criteria I will be using to select each week's case are;
  • the interest/enjoyment/intrigue factor and
  • the relevance to the current block being taught at UQ
Before I reveal this week's case however, I would like to do some follow-up work on ECGs (A Quick Guide to ECG). Below are two ECG traces for you to interpret and I'm expecting simple answers here. Primarily what you would give when reporting the ECG results, but in addition if you're confident, you can have a go at interpreting them as well. Answers will be revealed on Monday. In the meantime you can post your answers here and see what others think.


So this week's case is a Cardiovascular Curveball from Lifeinthefastlane.
You are presented with a 49 year-old female with a history of smoking and increasing dyspnea (shortness of breath) over the last two weeks. The patient has been treated in the ward for pneumonia for the last three days. Despite treatment, the patient continues to deteriorate and subsequently an ICU review is conducted. The ICU review provides some interesting findings.

The full case with the remaining information is available from here:
Cardiovascular Curveball #006

Hope you have a pleasant weekend.

A Quick Guide to ECGHow to report an ECG | ECG Case

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