Rural Emergency Medicine

Editors Note:
It is recommended to read A Quick to ECG before viewing this video

So using one of the ECG traces from the medical case on last Friday, I've tried to do a short video on how to report an ECG tracing. It's very simplistic in nature, but highlights some of the basics of ECG reporting. Please note it's best viewed in full screen mode. In addition, although in the video it looks like I draw the QT interval as being between the Q wave and the start of the T wave, it is actually between the Q Wave and the end of the T wave.

If after viewing the video you would like to know more about normal and abnormal variations in the ST segment, the following article (ST-Segment Elevation in Conditions Other Than Acute Myocardial Infarction) published in the New England Journal of Medicine is a good read.

Dr Peter Alley from LifeintheFastLane provides an explanation to why ST elevation in aVR might be important.

A Quick Guide to ECG | How to report an ECG | ECG Case

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