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Despite all the changes Apple has made to the Appstore, finding good quality medical apps can still be a challenge. This is where reviews and word of mouth play an important role in aiding health professionals find the gems amongst the rough. If you have been following the Pimp my iPad series, you will now have the basics down. Now it's time to start installing apps. If you can't hold out till next week's episode, I've included the first 30 reviewed apps from TechTool Thursday.

TechTool Thursday is a regular feature on written by the knowledgeable Dr Tessa Davis (@TessaRDavis). Each week a new app is reviewed, looking at it's pro, cons, uses and where it could be improved. 

Critical Medical Guide
The Barringer Group, LLC
Critical is an emergency medicine and general medicine reference app that provides the user with guidelines and information about treatment.  It has a large range of resources including videos, images, calculators and scoring systems.

Full review: TechTool 019
Rating: 9/10
iTunes - Android - Website

drawMD - Free
drawMD is a beautiful app for the iPad that allows you to explain procedures and illnesses to your patients by using customised diagramatic visual aids.  The app provides templates for anatomical explanations and you can customise these by adding extra stamps or your own drawings.

Full Review: TechTool 025
Rating: 9/10
iTunes - Website

EM Procedure Log
Baker Hamilton
EM Procedure Log is a simple way of keeping a log of clinical activity.  This can be procedures as the title suggests but could also be cases, presentations or other useful logs.  Data is stored on the phone and can be shared via dropbox.

Full Review: TechTool 015
Rating: 7/10
iTunes - Website

EM Rashes
Emergency Medicine Residents’ Association
EM rashes is designed to give the user an algorithm for quick diagnosis of rashes as they present in ED.  The user answers a few simple questions about the rash & is taken to a page with information about the differential diagnoses.

Full Review: TechTool 012
Rating: 4/10
iTunes - Website

Emergency Medicine Ultrasound
EM Apps
Emergency Medicine Ultrasound gives guidance on performing emergency ultrasound procedures.  It gives the user an overview of the scan procedure and some examples of normal and abnormal scans.  Extra sections assist with dictating ultrasound reports.

Full Review: TechTool 006
Rating: 7/10
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Denali Apps PLC
ERres assists ED trainees in their day-to-day practice.  It provides algorithms, guidelines, doses and decision rules covering all areas of Emergency Medicine.

Full Review: TechTool 008
Rating: 8/10
iTunes - Android - Website

Jeremy Tan
GenSurgCall is a quick-reference guide, which gives a brief overview of general surgical problems.  It’s most useful for med students and very junior doctors.

Full Review: TechTool 018
Rating: 6/10
iTunes - Website

iLarynx is a simulation game where the aim is to try to simulate fibreoptic bronchoscopy by manipulation and advancing the scope at the right time.

Full Review: TechTool 021
Rating: 5/10
iTunes - Website

National Library of Medicine
LactMed provides information about the side effects of medicines when breastfeeding. The user searches for the drug they are prescribing and detailed results come back from the database about potential adverse effects.

Full Review: TechTool 014
Rating: 6.5/10
iTunes - AndroidWebsite

NiteFloat, Inc
MediBabble is a translator app for clinicians to help communication with patients.   Select the language, and then guide the patient through the clinical history and examination.

Full Review: TechTool 005
Rating: 9/10

Medrills – Airway
ArchieMD, Inc
Medrills Airway is a simulation app like no other.  It is primarily aimed at paramedics but could be useful for ED medics too.  The module provides instruction on good airway management followed by some simulated scenarios and questions to test and develop your skills.

Full Review: TechTool 017
Rating: 7/10
iTunes - AndroidWebsite

palmER Worldwide LLC
palmPEDi provides quick access to important drug doses for paediatric emergencies.  It’s all done by weight (or an estimated weight based on age). Select the weight and a long list of drug doses are at your feet (fingertips).

Full Review: TechTool 011
Rating 8/10
iTunes - Website

Paracetamol Overdose
Paracetamol Overdose is for assessing and managing paracetamol overdoses.  It tells you how to assess risk, when to treat and gives you specific guidance based on your patient.

Full Review: TechTool 001
Rating: 7/10
IEDapps - iTunes

Pediatric Oncall
Pediatric Oncall Private Limited
Pediatric Oncall is a mobile app produced by the website and it aims to encompass everything you might every want for paediatrics (or pediatrics).  It contains calculators, drug dosing, MCQs, video podcasts, poisons information, an image gallery and more.

Full Review: TechTool 022
Rating: 7/10
iTunes - Website - Android

PicSafe Medi
PicSafe Medi offers a secure way for you to take patient photos and record consent.

Full Review: TechTool 023
Rating: 6/10
iTunes - Website - Android

Pocket Eye Exam
Pocket Eye exam is an app for testing eyes and for learning about the common ophthalmological assessments.  It has been designed by Biomedical Engineering students and Neurologists.

Full Review: TechTool 020
Rating: 8/10
iTunes - Android - Website

Emergency Medicine Residents’ Association
PressorDex is an app version of John Greenwood’s book, which is a handbook for treating critically ill patients.  It contains guidance on medications, infusions, treatment, diagnosis and has inbuilt calculators.

Full Review: TechTool 024
Rating: 7/10
iTunes - Website

Read by QxMD’ provides a single place to discover new research, read outstanding topic reviews and search PubMed.

Full Review: TechTool 026
Rating: 8/10
iTunes - Website

Radiopaedia Pty
Radiopaedia is a spin-off app from It allows the user to work through real-life patient cases and interpret their imaging results to come to a diagnosis.  There is a mountain of information in the app if the user wants to learn more.

Full Review: TechTool 004
Rating: 9/10
Radiopaedia - iTunes

EM Gladiators
Resuscitation! is a patient simulation resus game.  A scenario is presented and you have to manage the patient exactly as would happen in an Emergency Department.  A final score is awarded depending on your actions.

Full Review: TechTool 003
Rating: 8/10
EM Gladiators - iTunes

Reversing Warfarin
HealthObs Ltd
Reversing Warfarin aims to help doctors manage their patients who are on warfarin.  It gives specific and clear guidance about what do to when faced with a raised INR, a bleeding patient, or a patient heading to theatre.

Full Review: TechTool 028
Rating: 8/10
iTunes - Website

Med-eSim Apps
SimMonitor allows simulation teaching without having to drag out mannequins and large monitors.  Using just your iPhone you can provide a resus simulation experience providing ECG readings which you can adjust according to your student’s management.

Full Review: TechTool 002
Rating: 6.5/10
SimulationMonitor - iTunes

Azher Merchant
SimpLog allows you to keep track of patient follow-up from ED, so you will remember to chase results, call the patient to check their symptoms are improving or arrange follow up.

Full Review: TechTool 027
Rating: 3/10
iTunes - Website

Smart FOAM
FOAM collates free online medical education for everyone.  And Smart FOAM makes is even easier to acces.  Get it all for your mobile - it's free!

Full Review: TechTool 030
Rating: 8/10
iTunes - AndroidWebsite

Survive Sepsis
John Richardson
Survive Sepsis offers guidance for clinicians to recognise and treat sepsis in adult patients quickly and effectively.

Full Review: TechTool 013
Rating: 7/10iTunes - Website

Toxbase allows the user access to the Poisons Database.  All the information about drug toxicity, side effects and monitoring can be easily looked up on your iPhone.

Full Review: TechTool 010
Rating: 8/10
iTunes - Website

Clay Smith
Upshot is a new app by Keeping Up, providing the user with succinct summaries of recent research.  The articles are digested and critically appraised, so a quick read is all that’s needed to keep up.

Full Review: TechTool 007
Rating: 6.5/10
iTunes - AndroidWebsite

Christopher Kim
WikEM is a database of concise emergency medicine notes to assist physicians with their daily practice.

Full Review: TechTool 016
Rating: 7.5/10
iTunes - AndroidWebsite

Pocket Professions Inc
WoundSmart allows the user to keep track of patient wounds and document their progress.  As well as storing serial photos of the wound, the user can also enter all the patient information; detailed medical history and specifics about the size and shape of the wound.

Full Review: TechTool 009
Rating: 6.5/10
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