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It's been nine months since our last Healthcare Social Media (#HCSMANZ) Chat on the use of Social Media in healthcare activism, but it continues to be a growing area of interest.

Some the key points from that chat back then are are summarised here: HCSMANZ Chat Summary

This time round we had some familiar faces such as #interncrisis, but also some new health campaigns like #ScraptheCap.

#ScrapTheCap | Scrap the $2000 Cap on Medical Self-Education‎

The questions that were asked last night (Sunday 23rd June) were;
  1. How have you used social media to highlight social issues or in healthcare activism?
  2. How did you “organize” your social media campaign? What worked” what didn’t?
  3. How do you "know" if your social media activism is working?

For the full transcript of last night's chat: click here

For further reading on Social Media in Healthcare Activism: click here

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