Rural Emergency Medicine

The Social Media and Critical Care Conference or SMACC2013 as it is otherwise known, was an adrenalin (or epinephrine for Scott Weingart @EMCrit ) rushing, mind changing experience. It was an opportunity to hear from world leaders in critical care, and finally meet some people face to face.

Unfortunately, I can't do the conference complete justice (been busy packing for Africa). Luckily, there has been a multitude of other attendees reliving the dream, and sharing some of the highlights of the conference.

Check out some of the tales and wrap-ups below.

I will share one of my favourite moments, which was the Allergen Connection performance by    
Gerard Fennessy.

And just in case you missed it, you can checkout the presentation by myself and Dave Townsend (@futuregp) on the Interncrisis Social Media Campaign (minus our witty jokes and long-winded tales)

SMACC2013 Interncrisis Presentation from Aaron Sparshott

And that's my SMACC Wrap. 

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