Hashtag for the Australian Medical Community

This has been a relatively big year for the Australian Medical Community in the Social Media World. We've seen a number of large campaigns kicked off by Australian Doctors and medical students such as, Jill Tomlinson with #DestroyTheJoint and the #InternCrisis campaign.

There has also been plenty of online education initiatives sprouting and growing as well from Australian soil. Most notably the Global Medical Education Project and the #FOAMed revolution, led by Mike Cadogan (@sandnsurf) of LifeintheFastLane.com fame.

Most notably however in my personal view, has been the rapid uptake of social media this year by the Australian Medical Community. I've been on twitter now for well over three years and the numbers of medical students and doctors I've seen join this year has been astounding.

Which leads to my next thought: Where is the hashtag, the community, the online forum for the Australian Medical Community?

Creating a Hashtag
The Online Australian Medical community has grown to a point, where it would be great to have a clear place to raise and share issues online.

Having been involved as a Facilitator of the #HCSMANZ hashtag, I have many ideas on what I think would work and what wouldn't.

But perhaps more importantly, I recognize that for a hashtag to truly work and grow, there has to be engagement and a sense of community.

Crowdsourcing a Hashtag
Here is the part where you come in. I would like to have a hashtag created for the Australian Medical Community, that represents as best as possible, people's interests and what they would like to see in the hashtag.

If you would like to be part of this process you can;

Hope to see many people taking part in the creation of this hashtag so that we can come up with something that works best.


  1. As there are a number of social media communities within the overall Australian medical community I guess I would want a bit more information on this before I give it a resounding tick of approval.

    At this point in time in Australia we have an assortment of professional organisations, clinical practice groupings as well as medical professionals active on twitter. My current understanding is that there may be a greater number of people who look at twitter versus those who actively tweet.

    This means that there are already a number of organisations and individuals providing a reasonable amount of professional advice and this can be expected to increase. Certainly duplication and redundancy in the social media sphere defeats some of the purpose of being involved with social media[which is where content curation comes in].

    Hence the #AUSMed hashtag may fill a perceived gap but I suggest that this concept be run by as many Austalian medical individuals and organisations that are currently on twitter as possible as to whether they perceive a use for this. That is scope the concept a little more fully. This means that you may need to wait until after the holiday period to gain traction on this issue.

    If the overall response is a resounding yes, then the next step is to put the concept into operation and then monitor. This may have implications for the already established #HCSMANZ and this also needs to be thought through carefully.

  2. Aaron, count me in. For several months, we have had a solid core group of Australian medical doctors and medical students who have been actively discussing matters of common interest. We have discussed many topics outside the confines of a defined group such as #hcsmanz or linked into specialty type groups. Recent topics have included junior medical officer training and post-grad versus under-grad medical schools. As is the case when these things evolve, they occur on an ad-hoc basis - I completely agree with you that we have reached a critical mass size where we can make this thing work. The creation of #AUSmed is simply the logical next step. Whether we discuss matters as live chats at designated times or asynchronous tweeting to a topic is something that will find its way over time. Whilst I am very confident it will all work, the stakes are not high should it prove to be the case that we were not ready for this step forward.