Rural Emergency Medicine

On Sunday 18th November we talked Social Media in Healthcare Activism & Advocacy. It was engaging chat with over 40 people participating and close to 500 tweets. People from many different backgrounds participated and it was great to share in the knowledge creation experience.

You can read the full transcript if you wish. However, I've taken the time below to summarise and organise chat, for those of you who want an eaiser to read account of last night's chat.

Also take a look at Carly Findlay's account (Healthcare activism - negotiation of care plans, holistic approaches and blogging as therapy) of the chat and what it means to be a health activist from a patient perspective.

Some key points we covered throughout the night were;
  • What is Healthcare Activism?
  • How does Social Media assist Healthcare Activism?
  • What are the benefits of it's use?
  • What are the challenges of using Social Media for Healthcare Activism?
  • How would you run a Healthcare Campaign?


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