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Just over a week ago now, I was calling upon all Australian Medical Students to join together in support of their colleagues who are seeking an internship upon graduation. How far we have come in a week.

There have been tweets, videos, radio interviews, newspaper articles and much more. With all this media around it was hard to keep track of everything going on. The public and fellow medical students needed somewhere they could go, to find out the information they needed, in an easy to decipher format.

The Solution? brings together the most important information on the internship crisis,  allowing people to keep track of what is going on and make informed decisions. The InternCrisis page was setup by the Medical Student Action on Training (MSAT) (with particular thanks to @daveindisarray). MSAT is a grassroots movement by medical students across Australia who have united to raise awareness and demand political action be taken to solve the #interncrisis. So go check it out.

Be informed. Hear their stories. Take Action.

Where else can you find information on the Interncrisis?

Twitter:  @Med_Student_AT
Youtube: Interncrisis
Flickr: InternCrisis

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