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Dropbox is offering University Students across the globe a chance to participate in their space race, grab some free space for their Dropbox account. Just by verifying your student or @edu account you will instantly get 3GB of free space for two years.

You can get up to 25GB of free space (again for two years) by getting more of your student cohort involved. Just click the link below to get started.

At the time of writing, this is the current leaderboard. So get involved and see if your University can knock off some of the big names.

  1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology 
  2. National University of Singapore 
  3. Universidade T├ęcnica de Lisboa Delft 
  4. University of Technology 
  5. Carnegie Mellon University 
  6. University of California Berkeley 
  7. Universidade do Porto 
  8. Universidade de Aveiro 
  9. Harvard University 
  10. Nanyang Technological University Deal
I should also point out to you fans of cloud storage that (a similar service) is offering 25 GB accounts for free to new members.

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