Rural Emergency Medicine

Whilst I'm away on my Rural Adventure, I've been tasked with developing a Health Project that benefits the local community of Yeppoon. The aim being that I consult with the community and the hospital to create something of meaningful difference.

As of yet I have not been able to consult with the community directly, and understand their primary needs. However, I've always thought that many minds, beat one. So I throw this question out to everyone.

What health initiative would you like to see in your local community?

To get you thinking I've provided some examples, taken from our course materials;
  • Plan and assist with a Men’s Health promotion
  • Establish a diabetes register
  • Evaluate an existing program, e.g. Cardiac Rehabilitation
  • Help construct a diet or exercise program
  • Produce promotional or referral material for a team-based service
  • Construct educational brochures, e.g. Maternity Services
  • Design and delivery educational sessions, e.g. Teenage Health
  • Draft materials for a community submission for a new service, e.g. CT scanner
  • Contribute to an Occupational Health and Safety initiative
  • Organise a disaster scenario
  • Assess the impact of a gap in local services e.g. transport
  • Conduct a Needs Assessment, e.g. for a proposed new initiative
  • Complete a ‘Plan Do Study Act’ activity in hospital or practice 
But do not let these examples limit you in what you can come with. No idea is too irrational or improbably, share what ever comes to mind. However, I do ask you if possible to think small scale, I'm not about to try and revolutionise Queensland Health or anything.

Post your ideas in the comment section below or on twitter under #Health4Yep.

So I'll leave you to ponder on that over the weekend. I've kept it initially as open as open
as possible, to facilitate the creation of ideas, and I'll be back next week with
some more posts on the Rural Health Project. 

If you have not done so already you might want to read the first post of My Rural Adventure, which gives you some background information on Yeppoon and the Hospital.

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