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On the suggestion of @Keznoo, the HCSMANZ chat took a look at how people evaluated their social media activity. This would obviously vary according to what people used Social Media for;
  • business campaigns
  • health advocacy
  • personal use
  • and much more.......

For those who missed the chat, below is a summary of some key points from each topic.
For a full transcript of the chat go to

So do you have objectives that you can evaluate for your social media activity?

Do SMART criteria for objectives, make sense for Social Media at any scale?

Smart Criteria
S    Specific
M    Measurable
A    Attainable
R    Relevant
T    Timely

Lewismal: I can't see how SMART objectives fit with what I'm doing personally but may if I was doing a campaign.

DrPlumEU: Is it SMART to use Social Media? | Broken_Heart Blog My ideas on today's topic. What do you think?

What’s the better question: Why are doing social media or What are trying to achieve?

Lewismal: I dont know what so me will teach me. So Me makes me open to the unexpected, learning grows like grassroots. #hcsmanz

T3 the why & achieve both good questions, why to engage & learn, achieve learn & make connections, spread/communicate #hcsmanz

What do you measure? - What are your Social Media metrics?

T4. Twitter itself is set to email me if u retweet or fav my tweets. Helps me know what connects with peeps.

T4. I uses to track hits per link shared both each link and monthly trends. it motivates me to keep sharing.

What tools do you use to evaluate your Social Media

DrPlumEU: T5 retweets, followers, my gut feelings - am I having fun! #hcsmanz

Lewismal: I know of no tool that can measure the inspiration I get or give in tweets or other social media.

Mentionmapp - A Twitter Visualization
Explore your Twitter network! Discover relevant users to follow and find out who and what people are talking about.

ifttt - Put the internet to work for you
Web service that let's you plug information from one service into another, allowing you to link all your favorite webapps to create super-charged integration between tools like Gmail, Dropbox, Instapaper, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Foursquare, and oh-so-much more.

klout - measures influence online

We value social. PeerIndex measures interactions across the web to help you understand your impact in social media.a

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