Rural Emergency Medicine

So with exams coming up, it's time to take a quick flick through IVLine and find some useful exam review posts.
So here we go.


If your on twitter, then you'll have seen some of these before from #path140. Checkout #pharm140 & #anat140 for more simple med goodness (Tweets below are both mine & eleytherius's).

  • Hodgkin Lymphoma: localised LN, contiguous spread, curable(70%), EBV association(50%), Reed-Sternberg cells. Rx: 1st XRT then Chemo
  • NHLymphoma: Non-contiguous spread, multi-LN involvement (e.g. Waldeyer ring & mesenteric), extra-Nodal prez common. Rx: Chemo/wait
  • DLBC-Lymphoma: most common, diffuse growth, basophilic abundant cytoplasm, rapidly fatal. Rx: Chemo (45% cure, ~70% remiss)
  • MALToma: marginal cells, arise fr chronic inflamm. arise in LN, Spleen. remain localised, may regress if causative agent removed
  • Mantle Cell (NHL): uncommon, incurable,survival 3-4y, predoms in M 50-60yo, hard2see nucleus, scant cytoplasm, Cyclin D1 expression
  • Burkitt (NHL): aggressive, linked to EBV, high mitotic index, "starry sky pattern" on histol. increase c-MYC expression. Rx: Chemo
  • Follicular (NHL): indolent, fr germinal centre B-Cell, incurable, BCL2 expressed in 90%.Waxing & waning course, can -> to DLBCL
  • Endocarditis-Injected bugs/dodgy heart valves allow sludgy vegetations to evolve,chewing through & causing leak. ABs for jolly ages
  • Ventricular fibrillation: important bottom part of heart twitches chaotically,can't pump blood,no pulse,time critical shock or kaput
  • DVT. Sticky blood, sluggish flow, or vessel injury (thx Virchow), clots up blood. Treat with blood thinners. Or fly Business
  • Pericarditis. Creeping fluid round heart, mostly viral irritation, but if nasty?Stops blood getting in, veins pop up, BP goes down.
  • Heart Attack! (AMI): chest pain, L arm or jaw. Sweaty.ECG may see: ST up, path Q-waves, inverse T. Acute Cardiac markers 4 Dx. Rx: Morphine, O2,GTN,Aspirin May require surg. Med MGMT 4 life: Antiplatelet, B-blocker ACEi, Statin. Rec. lifestyle mods
  • PE: Usually from DVT. SOB,Tachyponea & chest pain is what you see.Diagnose by D-Dimer,CT-PA,CXR & ECG. Anti-coags 4 most immediately
  • Angina: chest pain. heart O2 starved. 3 types:stable, prinzmetal, unstable. Px: Aspirin, Statins. Rx: GTN, BetaA & Ca2+ blockers
And More
Microbiology Quick Overview
Micro, What is it good for?

Clinical Exams
It might be handy to quickly review clinical examination, as questions usually involve some form of clinical reasoning.
Finally for more online resources checkout Top Online Resources for Medical Students 2010. Shotgun Histology is a great one, but it's probably too late for most of us to use systematically. Use it if there is something you don't understand concerning Histopathology.

Image: Study by yum9me.

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