Top 10 HCSM Tweeters

A while back I did a post on the Top Medical Tweeters, and this time I'm back with the Top 10 Healthcare Communications and Social Media Tweeters. HCSM is a global movement with many chapters, from HCSM (USA), HCSMLA (Latin America), HCSMEU (Europe) through to HCSMANZ (Australia and New Zealand) and many more.

For instructions on how to get involved with the HCSM movement go to

A diverse range of people participate in HCSM chats, and the people listed below are just few of the great people to connect and discuss ideas with. Along with the top ten, I've included founders/moderators of each of the major tweet chats.

The top ten list was derived from the HCSM Directory, and ranking was based on Klout score.
So who made the Top Ten?
In no particular order.......

Founders/Moderators of HCSM Chats
They might not have been in the HCSM Directory, or just missed out on making the top ten, however here are some more people to checkout.

Healthcare Communications & Social Media, is a weekly chat on Twitter held every Sunday night at 8pm Central Time.

#hcsm was started in January 2009 and is moderated on Twitter by the account @HealthSocMed. Please follow @HealthSocMed to see updates, reminders, and topics for #hcsm chats.

#hcsmca is a vibrant community of people interested in improving the patient and provider experience.
#hcsmca hosts a tweet chat every Wednesday at 1 pm EST.

hcsmca conversations can also be found on Facebook and LinkedIn.

#HCSMLA takes place on Tuesdays, 8pm (UTC -3h). For complete times & more information go to

Healthcare Communications & Social Media in Australian and New Zealand, is a weekly Twitter chat held every Sunday night at 22:00NZST, 20:00AEST, 19:30ACST, 18:00AWST.

It was founded by @ej_butler, @bitethedust, & @ben_hr.

An iPhone App is available to keep up-to-date with HCSMANZ
and other major international chapters.
HCSMANZ iPhone App

For more information about the HCSM Directory read here.

On an unrelated note you are reading my 100th post on IVLine.
Thanks to all who have stopped by & commented on this blog to date.


  1. Congratulations on your 100th post! We need to celebrate this at our first Tweetup. Wish you all the best and that the health care industry can have more professionals like you.


  2. Thanks for the kind words Kishan. Hopefully I will be able to make one of the Tweetups soon.

  3. 100 posts is a milestone - looking forward to #1,000 :)

  4. Thanks for including me! And congrats on your 100th post! I really enjoy the #hcsm community. 6 months ago I started tweeting, and was skeptical as to the value... I have been proven dead wrong! It's great to see so many people interested in healthcare, and committed to improvement. Lots of work to be done, but #hcsm can help lead the way! :)

  5. Aaron,
    Thank you so much for all you do to highlight others. This is a true sign of your character and also just one of the factors that will serve you so well in Medicine.
    100 post Confetti moment as @Drsnit would say.


  6. Thanks a lot everyone. Sorry about the closed comments, but I've had trolls stop by in the past.