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There's an App for that is a short segment where I provide a brief overview of an App and it's uses in medicine.

PubMed's Web App 
Pubmed has been in the news recently for its' close demise, and the importance of the service to scientists and physicians can not be underestimated. A few weeks prior to the standoff between the Democrats and the Republicans, Pubmed released a mobile version of their great search service.

The Pubmed WebApp released by the NLM is currently in beta and is available from

It can be accessed via most smartphones.

European Journal of Cardio-thoracic Surgery App
The European Journal of Cardio-thoracic Surgery (EJCTS) has entered the iPhone world and provides the viewer with access to range of their resources. EJCSTS provides a medium for the publication of high-quality articles (Original articles, Reviews, Case Reports, Images, How-to-do-it articles) in realation to Cardio-thoracic surgery. The app allows you to view the current issue, old issues, browse by category or use the search feature. The app itself is free of charge.

Webicina iPhone app
Dr. Berci Meskó, the author of ScienceRoll and curator of, has brought Webicina to the iPhone. Like the useful online service, the app is a collection of medical social media resources. There is everything from anaesthesiology through to transplantation for physicians, and sections like allergies & diabetes for patients. There is also a short Health 2.0 quiz. Best of all it's free.

HealthMash, featured in the Top Online Resources for Medical Students, combines sophisticated Web 2.0 universal search and discovery technology with Semantic Web Concepts. The Healthmash app, offers a clean and easy to navigate user interface for your iPhone, in which you can obtain the most relevant health results.

Vimeo (Video Editor)
Finally a non-medical app to round out There's an app for that. The official Vimeo iPhone app, provides a number of ways in which you can manipulate your videos. The app provides an inbuilt video editor, which virtually makes Apple's iMovie redundant.

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