Rural Emergency Medicine

With all the floods, returning to university and general busyness I forgot to celebrate IVLine’s 1st year blogoversary. It’s been a rocky and bumpy road at times writing this blog, but there have been plenty of fun times as well.

The blog has changed a lot in the last year or so, both aesthetically and the content behind it. With that in mind here are the top 10 posts on IVLine for the last year or so.

  1. Quick Guide to ECG
    A Quick Guide to ECG has been a favourite since I first posted it, and it highlights the interest that a number of people have towards this investigative tool.
  2. How to perform a Neurological Clinical Exam
    The clinical examination series ranked well amongst the rest, but ‘How to perform a Neurological Clinical Exam’ came out on top. Personally, I rate the neurological exam as one of the most important clinical exams to learn as it is applicable in so many different environments.  Like most of the other posts in the series, important symptoms and clinical signs, the examination itself and further tests/investigations are included in this post.
  3. Top Online Resources for Medical Students
    This is a collection of online resources useful for medical students, health students and even health professionals. This is the 2010 edition and I hope to be releasing an updated edition later this year.
  4. Art of Learning Anatomy
    Some people struggle to learn anatomy. This post sets up some basic ways in which people can approach the art of learning anatomy.
  5. About Us
    It seems like people actually want to know a bit about the author. However, though Google sees differently I don’t really count this as a post in my mind. So that explains extension of the list to the top 11.
  6. Clinical Examination of the Spine
    Red Flags for spinal pathology, basic anatomy and how to perform the examination are all part of this post.
  7. Top Medical Apps for the iPhone
    The search for decent medical apps can be hard for the newly acquainted iPhone user. As such, I decided to make the process a little easier and provide some recommendations on what apps you want sitting on your iPhone (note this is a two part segment: part 1 | part 2)
  8. Guide to Tropical Diseases
    Tropical Diseases, are illnesses that either occur uniquely in tropical and subtropical regions, or are either more widespread there or more difficult to prevent or control. This is summary of some common and serious tropical diseases.
  9. Performing a Cardiovascular Clinical Exam
    Much like the other posts in the clinical examination series, with focus on the cardiovascular system this time round.
  10. So You Think You Could Do Medicine
    An introduction to the So You Think You Could Do Medicine series, which focuses on the many pathways into a Australian Medical School.
  11. Introduction to Musculoskeletal Clinical Examination
    Musculoskeletal Clinical Exams are used in conjunction with the appropriate history taking to ascertain the likelihood of a disorder within the bone or muscles structures. This post sets out the basic methodology to use, when approaching a Musculoskeletal Clinical Exam. A must read before the others in this segment.

There are a couple of thank yous I would like to make, for the support I have received throughout the year. Firstly, I would like to thank all my readers; big or small; old or young; funny or serious, you have made this whole writing experience seem worthwhile. I know I’m not always concise or clear, or grammatically correct for that matter, but a bunch of you have stuck with me regardless, so thank you.

Specials thanks, to Kane Gurthie from Lifeinthefastlane, for providing a lot of support to both myself and IVLine. Thanks to the rest of the LifeintheFastLane team for giving me something enjoyable to read on a daily basis.

As for the future of IVLine, it’s at least going to be around for another year because I just renewed my domain name. So whether you like it or not I’m going to continue spewing out information for the remainder of the year. I guess you’ll just have to make the most of it.


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