Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year

So we've come to that time of year again where people are dragging out or picking up their Christmas trees, songs like 'Away In A Manger' are in the air, and a few of us are putting on a few kilos for good measure.

It is also a time for reflection. A time when we look back on the year and think about what have achieved and what we would have liked to. This year for me, has brought lots of joyful and exciting moments, and I can only hope it continues into next year.

This blog has been one aspect of my life that I've had fun developing throughout the year. It has helped me unload ideas and thoughts, whilst also allowing me to meet some great people along the way. So I would just like to thank those who stopped by throughout the year and I wish you a happy holidays.

Finally, I'm taking a two week hiatus from blogging, so I'll be back in the New Year. I may occasionally stop by on twitter whenever I get in range of an internet connection.

So Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.